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That's how the cookie crumbles!

You managed a modicum of a giggle from me. Pretty funny, voice acting was alright but could've been more "together."

Feels like "The Cure"

Something about the masks, I bet.

Great universe! I love it! Such a good story, lovely art. Dialogue is well written. Way to go!

That was quick.

And definitely photoshoped. SongsToWearPantsTo forever!!!!

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Too quick, not enough puzzles

It was awesome. I think I got to the end. (That's the part with the flashing "WUNDERBAR! DAS IST SEHR GUT!" ? ) It was certainly quite challenging, but a level editor might be nice; the person who makes the level would have to play through it to submit it, of course. And it would be easy enough to make a level editor, would it not be?

This is perfect

I've been looking for a way to explain some computer science to my friends. This will help so much. Thank you for making this game!


This game is too easy to deserve the word 'Hardcore' and a leaderboard. The ending is also anti-climactic, it just simply ends on level 20 like that. To sum up this game, it is too short and worthless to be noticed. Walkthrough link is useless, dull graphics, buggy, lots of pixelhunting and zero originality. It tries hard to be The Impossible Quiz or Neverending Level Game but fails miserably. And worst, there is NO mute button! That means I had to bear this game's irritating music for its entirety! 0/10 0/5

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Too much reverb.

I don't like the reverb. Good music, mix could be a bit better.

It's missing 16th background

A lot of great techno songs have this awesome background synth that plays the same two sixteenth notes in a pattern for each measure. They can be removed in some measures to accent certain parts of the music. A good pattern would be an octave (1 and 8 for low and high) matching the main melody key. The rhythm I think would be best for this song is:


16th notes per each measure, with the key of the octave changing as the key changes.


Not every transition in a trance/rave song needs to be a measure-long little break in the noise. You can mix it up a little, play around with the EQs, add some effects, play with the pitch. I like that sextuplet (sectuplet? Is that 6 or 7?) you added at the beginning, though. For that, 5/5.

Sp1r1T responds:

Sextuplet? O.o You mean Kick roll?

Anyway, Thanks :)

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I got life, mother

I got laughs, sister
I got freedom, brother
I got good times, man

Get your hair on, dude!

Neilss1234 responds:


Not quite

The art enthusiast in me gave this a 5/5, but the art critic in me gave this a 6/10.

The shoulders seem so out of place and the neckline is obfuscated by the large pearl necklace. It's as if you're drawing muscle and not bone, but decide to add a kinda disjointed shoulder up there.

The sternocleidomastoid (I never get to use that word enough!) is alright, but there aren't any clavicles to see. The hip bone also seems slightly high up...

Love the hand, what happened to the second one? The lighting is beautiful. I can't disagree at all with the lighting. The detail on the hair and pearls in regard to texture is fantastic; panties are not the same texture as skin.

Anatomically Excellent

Nice muscle work. The colors are very warm, it's a beautiful painting. Well done.

Mxthod responds:


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